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3 Advantages of James Hardie® Siding Products

One of the most recognized brands in the siding industry is James Hardie®. Their products offer many different benefits, from durability to versatility. By installing James Hardie siding products, you not only make the best choice but a stylish one at that.

Learn why below.

Customizable Design Options

Does the style of your home need to match the siding? Whether you prefer a Colonial style or a contemporary aesthetic, James Hardie has siding that can fit your needs. At DryTech Roofing LLC, we offer James Hardie siding textures and colors that can make your home look fresh and inviting. Alternatively, we also carry James Hardie products with wood finishes of various charming shades, from cedar to maple.

Sustainable and Beautiful

In addition to different customizable options, James Hardie fiber cement siding is stress-free. It can withstand the test of time without the risk of corrosion or rot.

Resistant to External Forces

Compared with other siding materials, all options under James Hardie have superior resistance. They can resist fire and rot caused by different weather conditions. James Hardie siding has incredibly low appeal to pests, such as termites and ants, too.

James Hardie also customizes the siding to fit the climate of your area. Known as the HardieZone® system, it breaks up the continental United States into two areas: HZ5 and HZ10, and creates siding specifically for each zone. This gives you the benefit that your siding is engineered particularly for the weather your region is experiencing.

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