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3 Benefits Standing Seam Metal Roofs Have to Offer

A standing seam metal roof is a type of metal roofing designed to have seams raised above the roofing material itself. It features continuous panels running down from the roof ridge to the eaves, with seams between panels connected by fasteners. Seams have always been considered weak points in building materials but they are actually what make standing seam metal roofs ideal for both homes and businesses, say top roofers.

standing seam metal roof

Benefits to expect from a standing seam metal roof include:

1. Moisture Protection – Raised seams may seem like an aesthetic feature but they actually help protect a metal roof from moisture. The added height elevates potential entry points for moisture, making intrusion more difficult and keeping moisture damage at bay.

2. Fewer Seams – With metal panels running continuously, standing seam metal roofs boast of fewer seams throughout the roofing system. Not to mention that all seams run vertical.

3. Sleek Looks – While raised seams are functional in nature, they also look good, imparting a sleek style that makes roofers recommend standing seam metal roofs. Great for homes and businesses with more modern designs, they have clean, straight lines that naturally stand out.  

Other Metal Roofing Features

Metal roofing is naturally durable, able to withstand the elements to last 50 years or more, especially with proper maintenance. They also take paint well or can be factory-finished, allowing property owners to enjoy the colors of their choice for longer. Those who are concerned about energy efficiency will also appreciate metal roofing for their “cool roof” attributes, shedding heat absorbed from the sun easily to avoid excessive passive heating.

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