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3 Best Reasons to Replace Your Roof During Fall Season

Roofing installation is a complex process that relies on various factors, such as the contractor’s competence, for its successful completion. However, there is another factor that plays a crucial role in the success of your roofing project, and that is the schedule of your roofing installation.

In this article, DryTech Roofing Company, Inc., your preferred roofing company, shares three reasons why the fall season is the ideal time to replace your roof.

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1. Ideal Temperature

The fall season provides the optimal temperature conducive for roof installation. When it’s a clear and cool, the laborious task of installing the roof becomes more bearable for the workers. After all, nobody prefers working under excessive heat. If you chose to use asphalt shingles, autumn’s ambient warmth allows the seals to melt and adhere properly.

2. Perfect Timing

It’s best to prepare your roof before the cold months begin and the possibility of ice dam formation starts to creep in. When you have damaged shingles, a repair might not be enough since the coming winter will put extra strain on your roofing. A new roof has an infinitely higher chance of surviving the harshness of frigid temperatures, so it’s best to install the roofing system during the fall season.

3. Materials Work as They Should

It’s easier to work with asphalt shingles when the weather is just right. This is because cold air makes shingles more brittle and prone to breaking. The recommended temperature for a successful shingles installation is 26 degrees or higher. The temperature of the fall season is right in line with the recommended installation temperature.

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