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3 Classic Bay and Bow Window Design Ideas

In the world of windows, bays and bows are a favorite. As multi-functional as they are multi-dimensional, they usher in more sunlight longer than other window styles, offer sweeping outdoor views, improve indoor ventilation, diversify the geometry of your exteriors, and expand the space of your interiors. With the right idea in mind, they can improve any room in many ways.

Design Ideas

As one of the most respected Maryland replacement windows contractors, DryTech Roofing wants to share with you some classic bay and bow designs. As they’re timelessly trendy, you could never wrong with any of them:

Angular is Spectacular

The most distinctive feature of bays and bows is angled projection. The two may differ in the number of glass panes, but they both protrude from the wall to some extent. The degree of their semi-circular structure depends on your home’s architectural style. For instance, the 10-degree curve of a four-lite bow blends well with the Victorian.

The more your bay or bow juts out of the wall, the more interior space you gain. Slightly angled bay replacement windows in Maryland are popular in small kitchens because they make the room seemingly— and actually—bigger.

Box Design

A rectangular bay or bow works if you have plenty of wall space to spare. This design draw Mother Nature in and create a powerful illusion of interior space.

Window combination is key to making it purposeful. Making all panels fixed are tantamount to a box-like picture window that can boost your daylighting and insulation, but offers zero ventilation. This is why the combination of two casement sides and non-operational middle panel (or panels) are immensely popular to enjoy the best all worlds.

Storage Plus Seat

Instead of walking on the extra wall space you gain, why not add a cushioned window seat with pillows and turn the base into a storage unit. This is a hot trend in today’s window replacement in Maryland, considering modern homeowners love plenty of seating everywhere. This simple improvement gives you a cozy nook to read a book, take naps, or just hang out with friends and family with your scenic outdoors for a backdrop.

Discover countless clever bay and bow ideas with DryTech Roofing. Call us now at (240) 491-5600 and tell us what you like for your project.