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3 Obvious Signs That You Need to Replace Your Roof Soon

You may notice or experience problems with your roof every now and then, but repairs will often suffice to restore its superb condition. There are times, though, when a damaged roof is no longer worth saving.

Of all the possible red flags, most roofing contractors, including DryTech Roofing, would say that these three should merit roof replacement:

Shingle Balding or Missing

Granules don’t just lend asphalt shingles a distinctive look; they actually form a layer of protection against UV rays. Relatively new asphalt shingles shed loose, excess granules with rain. But if your roofing materials are already more than 10 years old, seeing a bunch of granules in the gutters is cause for concern. Without these granules, the asphalt will be directly exposed to the sun, accelerating its wear and quickly deteriorating its performance.

Moreover, losing the actual shingles is a bigger problem. Without them, the sheathing would be more susceptible to moisture damage. Even if you have durable underlayment, it’s only a matter of time before wind-driven rain will successfully penetrate the underlying wood decking.

If your roof looks like one big checkerboard from the street, consider replacing the entire roof rather than re-shingling. After all, experienced roofing contractors would say that combining new and old roofing materials doesn’t always produce great results. They won’t just age differently, they might also look incongruous because of the color mismatch.


When your roof begins to sag, call professionals for inspection. Any depression can indicate a serious structural issue. Although it might bring less danger than it suggests, there’s no telling when your drooping roof might cave in.

Sunlight From the Attic

If the sun can get into your attic, so can water, wind and snow. It’s never a good sign because it means that your roof’s actual foundation is finished. Most leaks can be patched, but reliable roofing contractors might propose replacement when the scope of damage is broad and age is a factor.

Turn to DryTech Roofing to learn whether you need a new roof. Unlike many local roofers, we specialize in both repair and replacement, adding more legitimacy to our recommendations. Call us at (240) 491-5600 to schedule an inspection in Maryland and get a FREE estimate.