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3 Popular Roof Styles You Need to Know About

If you’re getting a new roof for your home, it’ll pay to know more about your potential investment. Here’s a quick guide to three popular styles of roofing in Maryland.


Essentially, a gable roof has a triangle shape, formed by two slopes that meet at the top. It’s easy to build and install, and home styles such as colonial and Cape Cod look fantastic with gable roofing. In terms of roof materials, asphalt shingles, wood shakes and slate definitely work well with the gable style.


Hip roofs are favored for their durability. A hip roof has a gentle pitch with sides sloping to the walls of a house. Compared to other roof styles, it’s more complicated to construct. When it comes to aesthetics, hip roofs are used in Mediterranean style and French-inspired architecture. Clay, tile and shingles make hip roofs stand out in a neighborhood.


Some people think that a gambrel roof is only used for barns, but you’d be surprised at how some people around the U.S. rock homes with gambrel roofs. It’s all about choosing a matching exterior design and color in order to highlight the best features of your house. Dutch colonial, Georgian and farmhouse architectural designs make use of the gambrel style.

These are only three of the many popular roof styles available today. If you need help choosing a good roof to match your style, DryTech Roofing & Home Solutions can lend you a hand. We are a well-established roofing company in Maryland that has partnered with the country’s leading brand, GAF, to deliver quality roofing products and services to your very own home. With us, you can be confident that the roofs we install are top quality. Call us at (240) 547-2447 to learn more about roof styles as well as our services.