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3 Popular Window Styles That Enhance Your Home

Before old and failing windows compromise your home’s look and feel, you should invest in the best and lasting solution—window replacement. You can trust DryTech Roofing for this home improvement. We are not just the expert in roofing. After all, we can also maximize your home’s beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency with our window replacement services.

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DryTech Roofing carries only the highest quality replacement windows in Maryland. Here are three popular window styles from our lovely and durable range:

1. Double-Hung Windows — This option’s clean and simple look makes it an instant classic. In fact, double-hung windows remain the most favorite window style in the country due to their versatility. These windows can fit both traditional and contemporary-modern homes. They also won’t look out of place in any room.

Double-hung windows can let you enjoy considerable natural ventilation. All you need to do is open their two operable sashes at the same time. This allows warm, stale air to exit your home through the top sash, while cool, fresh air enters through the bottom. By helping improve air quality and thermal comfort, you won’t rely as much on your cooling system. This leads to reduced energy bills.

2. Picture Windows — DryTech Roofing, one of your Maryland replacement windows contractors, also offers sleek and modern picture windows. They have slim frames and expansive glass that offers a panoramic view of the outdoors. Said glass area also allows access to significant natural lighting, providing a brighter and more spacious feel to your living spaces. Picture windows also boost your home’s energy efficiency. Since they are fixed, it’s easy to keep costly heating or cooling energy inside your home.

3. Bay and Bow Windows — Do you need extra space in your home? Bay and bow windows can help you with this. They protrude from your home’s walls and have a deep sill area that offers a number of functions. For instance, you can use this negative space as storage, banquette-style seating, even as a daybed. Since bay and bow windows also have expansive glass, they can maximize your home’s viewing area. They also let plenty of natural light spill into your rooms from all directions.

Turn to DryTech Roofing for window replacement in Maryland. With our broad range of excellent windows, we’ll further improve your home’s look and feel.

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