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3 Roof Maintenance Myths Homeowners Should Not Believe

Ensuring roofing systems are in tip-top shape preserves their structural integrity. Despite this, there are numerous misconceptions of regular roof upkeep circulating about that many homeowners tend to believe. Your local roofers, DryTech Roofing LLC, notes three of them.

All Roofing Issues Are Covered by Material Warranties

A common roof maintenance myth. This comes about due to the not reading or understanding the fine print of warranties. The truth here is that specific warranties do not cover all roofing issues.

Material warranties, for example, only cover defects on the roofing materials, which only represent less than one percent of roof failure. Thus, instances of roof failure like improper installation, harsh weather and poor maintenance are not covered by such warranty. This is why it is important to keep in mind which issues are covered and which are not. That way, you can give their roofing proper maintenance without relying too much on the document.

Today’s Roofs Are Maintenance-Free

Any roof repair or replacement today utilizes certain materials that make the roofing more efficient, easier to install and more durable than ever. Despite this, continuous innovations haven’t resulted in a roofing system that does not require maintenance. This is a myth simply because there is no such thing as a maintenance-free roof.

Indeed, all roofing systems require maintenance. Fortunately, doing so proactively can further extend the life of the roof instead of reactively doing the routine inspection.

Maintenance Is Only an Option

This is one myth that many homeowners fall for. Some of them even think that doing so is just a waste of time and money. Having this kind of mindset can shorten the life span of a roof. Worse, failure to maintain a roof will lead to costly repairs in the future.

The importance of roof maintenance cannot be understated. This is why our expert roofers at DryTech Roofing LLC are ready to assist you. Do not hesitate us to call at (240) 491-5600 or fill out our contact form to get started. We provide our services to homeowners in various neighborhoods in Maryland.