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A green, lush garden landscape transforms any outdoor space into a beautiful oasis. However, there is one factor that you need to consider when crafting this exterior part of your home — fencing. Although it may seem like a quick and simple project, installing privacy fences requires careful planning. Luckily, DryTech Roofing, one of the leading roofing contractors in Maryland, knows some tricks and tips to help you pull off a successful privacy fencing project.



Check Your Local Zoning Codes

Before you shop for fencing supplies, make sure to review the locale area’s zoning codes to determine which type of privacy fence is permitted in your place. Most sets of requirements have detailed height restrictions for fencing. Avoid the risk of not having a choice but to tear down your fence simply because it did not conform to local restrictions.

Remember to Think About Your Neighbors

In most cases, homeowners build privacy fences to protect their properties and create a concrete barrier between their homes and their neighbors’. If this applies to you, it will be a good and thoughtful practice to inform your neighbors of your plans before exterior and roofing contractors start building. Some disagreements along the way might mean you end up with a half-finished fence, which is an unsightly addition to your home.

Consider Varying Your Fence Designs

Building a fence along your property line is a security decision. However, it can also be a beautiful and impactful upgrade to your exterior space. This is why you need to consider designs that are the most appropriate for certain places around your home. In smaller areas, installing a tall fence may feel too restricting. In the front of your home, you may consider installing a privacy fence that has a greater decorative look to it since passersby can see it. One example is a wooden fence with lattice panels.

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