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3 Ways to Hang Halloween Decorations Without Damaging Siding

Halloween is today, and you’ve probably been planning on the perfect home decoration to delight trick-or-treaters. Before going overboard with the decor, you may want to learn how to hang the ornaments without actually damaging your siding system.

In today’s post, DryTech Roofing, one of the trusted roofing contractors in the area, shares some tricks on how to decorate your exterior without impairing your siding system. 

Avoid Using Nails

Punching holes into your siding won’t only affect its look but it can also affect its energy efficiency and weather protection. Water can pass through the smallest gaps, which could damage the insulation material beneath your siding. This could drive your energy bills up and affect your home’s comfort level.

Instead of using nails, your roofing contractors may recommend using double-sided tape, command hooks or brick clips to hang your Halloween decor. These are good options if you want to avoid damaging the siding materials. 

Use Siding Clips

For vinyl wall cladding, choose siding clips instead of the traditional nails. This type of clip is a convenient solution if you want to use heavier decor for your exterior. You need to be extra careful when using the clips, however, since you may need to separate the siding material to wiggle them in. 

Start Cleaning the Surface

For homeowners who prefer using double-sided tape, it’s best to clean the wall surface first before applying the special adhesive strip. Use rubbing alcohol or tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) with a cloth to wipe the dirt that has accumulated on your wall or siding.

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