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4 Common Questions about Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding materials used in residential homes in the US. Because of this, siding contractors are asked a lot of questions about this affordable but versatile material. Today, we’ll share a list of questions that come up the most to help you understand why most people prefer this awesome siding material.

What is Vinyl Siding Actually Made of?

Vinyl siding is made of a synthetic polymer called polyvinyl chloride or PVC, the same type of material used for making pipes, heavy-duty canisters and other tough plastic materials. However, our vinyl siding panels will not look like tacky plastic panels covering your wall because they can be designed to resemble traditional wooden siding.

What Color Options Do I Have?

While most people are familiar with the cream or beige color of vinyl siding, it’s possible to have vinyl siding panels of all colors and textures. Reputable siding contractors make sure that the vinyl siding installed on your home will match your home’s overall color palette so you can have classic siding pastel colors or something with a rich, deep hue.

What is a Square?

Siding installation is measured by “squares.” A square is exactly 100 square feet of area covered by siding. Cost estimates are often set per square to help make it easier for homeowners to understand the overall cost of their project (and to help them prepare their budgets).

Isn’t Vinyl Siding Flimsy?

Our vinyl siding panels are designed with durability as a top priority. Today’s siding manufacturing techniques allow us to create vinyl siding panels that offer superior durability over older types of siding. Vinyl siding is also immune to rot and rust, which is a common problem for wood and metal siding. When properly installed by siding contractors, vinyl can last up to 60 years with relatively little maintenance.

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