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4 Dangers of a Leaking Roof (And How to Deal With Them)

A roof leak is an all-too familiar issue in your system. Although a minor annoyance, it can still leave your home vulnerable to a variety of issues, including extensive water damage. The trick to dealing with roof leaks is to catch them as early as possible. Consulting a reliable roofing company also helps tremendously.

roofer and client inspecting roof leak

DryTech Roofing, one of the premier roofing contractors in Maryland, lists four of the common dangers of a leaking roof.

  1. Weakened Home Structure — While water dripping through your roof usually ends up on the attic floor, it’ll run along your roof deck’s underside most of the time. It will seep through your walls and along the framing. The wet wood will develop rot over time, slowly weakening your walls and foundation. Even small leaks can lead to this problem, and it may take a few years before the damage becomes apparent.
  1. Failing Insulation — Did you know that constant exposure to water can cause your attic insulation to lose its effectiveness? This can result in higher energy costs since your HVAC system works harder to maintain your home’s thermal comfort.  You might need to replace your insulation, and DryTech Roofing can help you with this. As one of the trusted Maryland roofing contractors, we install only the most effective type of insulation—fiberglass. This will keep your home comfortable while improving its energy efficiency.
  1. Mold Damage — Since your home’s walls and ceiling are always exposed to water, they can become a breeding ground for mold. It can compromise the structure of your home, or worse, leave you open to a variety of health risks.
  1. Premature Roof Failure — You’ll want to make the most of your roof’s service life, but this will be difficult when you don’t deal with roof leaks. When left unattended, it accelerates wear and tear on your roofing materials. This leads to premature roof replacement and its considerable expenses.

The problem with roof leaks is that it’s hard to determine their source. This is where reliable roofing contractors in Maryland like DryTech Roofing come in. With our highly trained team, we’ll determine the origin of your roof leaks and perform the necessary repair work. We’ll keep your roof in top form while extending its life span.

Before a leaky roof can compromise the quality of life in your home, turn to DryTech Roofing. Fill out our form today for a free estimate.