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The 4 Most Popular Fence Design Trends To Consider This 2019

Whether it’s roofing or siding, trends come and go. Surprisingly enough, however, even fences have their own set of trends. The fence is more than the boundary between your property and your neighbor’s; it can also serve as the finishing touch to your home that allows you to bring your curb appeal together. With that in mind, you might want to consider these trends if you plan to install a new fence or replace your old one.


In this post, DryTech Roofing LLC discusses 2019’s four most popular fence design trends that you should consider.

1. Wrought Iron – Wrought iron fences are one of the most popular fencing choices that homeowners gravitate to. This is because they’re durable and can provide their properties with effective security against possible intruders while adding elegance that increases property values. They’re also a low-maintenance fencing option and if ever a section is damaged, it can easily be repaired without replacements.


2. Ultra Modern – While the ultra modern isn’t a new trend, it is one that only gains additional popularity with each year. This design trend boasts straight horizontal and vertical lines that can give your fence a stylish look while remaining clean and simple. It also provides a significant amount of privacy while remaining eco-friendly and low-maintenance at the same time, especially if it’s made of vinyl, composite or steel.


3. Color – Homeowners don’t usually think much on the color of their fences when choosing one. This is something that you shouldn’t do as the correct color choice can make a difference in your home’s design and create a positive aesthetic impact for your property. If you’re having any difficulties in choosing a color for your fence, you can always approach the pros of fencing and roofing company, DryTech Roofing LLC.


4. Lighting – Light sources on your fence will allow you to make it look more modern and stylish while providing adequate amounts of lighting for your backyard. LED lights are the most popular lighting choices for fences since they don’t consume much energy, allowing you to continue saving money on your monthly bills.

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