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4 Reasons Insulated Vinyl Siding Is Ideal for Winter

Many homeowners are preparing their homes this winter to ensure comfort and savings. One way to do this is to install insulated vinyl siding. ENERGY STAR has added this in their checklist for creating energy-efficient homes. It is also part of the 2015 Energy Code as a form of continuous insulation.

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DryTech Roofing, trusted Maryland siding contractors, lists four reasons why insulated vinyl is perfect this season:

1. There is backup research proving its energy efficiency benefits.

Independent research firm Newport Ventures conducted a study on the performance of insulated vinyl siding in homes. With this type of siding, homeowners experienced minimal heat loss. This resulted in a comfortable indoor environment and more energy savings.

2. It reduces thermal bridging.

Thermal bridges are uninsulated pathways where energy is lost. This compromises comfort and efficiency. Insulated vinyl acts as a blanket that covers your entire home, leading to continuous insulation over wall studs.

3. It stands strong against cold weather effects.

Compared with other siding materials, insulated vinyl can withstand both hot and cold temperatures throughout the year.

4. It improves home’s R-value.

R-value measures how much a material is resistant to conductive heat flow. A higher value indicates better insulating performance. As your home’s wall studs are poor insulators, insulated vinyl can increase your walls’ R-value.

Insulated vinyl can do more than keep your home comfortable this winter. It is available in various colors and styles that will complement both traditional and modern homes. It also stands strong against winds up to 110 mph. Insulated vinyl can resist rot and insects and will never need repainting or caulking.

If you are looking for quality options, you can rely on Maryland vinyl siding contractors from DryTech Roofing. We have been helping homeowners build comfortable homes since 2000, ensuring quality and affordable work. With our insulated vinyl siding, you can prevent up to 40% on energy loss. You can also save more on maintenance costs.

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