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4 Reasons to Choose Insulated Vinyl Siding

Finding the right siding requires more than just complementing your facade. Siding should also keep your walls protected for a long time. That’s why our contractors and clients are loving insulated vinyl siding, which does both.

1. Energy-Efficient

Our insulated version of vinyl siding either has a foam core or foam at the back of the panels, which create an insulating field in our siding products. Because 40% of your heat escapes through the walls, our insulated vinyl siding makes this a thing of the past, saving you money from reduced electrical consumption.

2. Easy to Maintain

It’s important that your siding lasts for a long time, but caring for it doesn’t have to be stressful. That’s why homeowners love our vinyl siding: they are low-maintenance. Cleaning it with a mild solution can keep it in pristine condition.

3. Timeless Look

Vinyl siding’s aesthetics is another reason people have taken a liking to it. It is incredibly versatile, unlike previous vinyl products of uniform and drab colors. These days, vinyl can come in different designs and colors. Whatever your home’s exterior is, our vinyl siding products can match it. Plus, innovations in manufacturing technology have made vinyl impervious to fading.

4. Affordable and Easy to Install

Of other siding materials on the market, vinyl is among the most affordable, not only as an outright purchase but in terms of installation and maintenance, as well. It offers you all the resistance you need from fire, wind and rot.

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