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4 Reasons to Install Your New Siding in Spring

Spring is a great time to start a home improvement project. One of the projects you can choose from is siding installation. Having a contractor like DryTech Roofing work on your project during springtime is advantageous to both you and your contractor. Here are a few reasons to give this some serious thought.

Easier Installation

Spring is perhaps the best time to have your new siding installed given the fair and temperate weather. As the days are longer, contractors can work on your project properly in full daylight. Sealing materials adhere faster in warmer weather; that means you can enjoy shorter waiting times.

Easier Cleaning 

Cleaning will also be a breeze during spring as you won’t need to deal with snow or rain. You won’t have any problems getting ready for the vinyl siding installation project, and the installation crew can perform the post-project clean-up with relative ease. When your installers ask you to inspect their work, the weather will be agreeable enough so you can enjoy it.

Better Time Management

Quick installations lead to better time management. You can plan ahead without worrying about delays during a project, which is not something you can do during less predictable weather. During the cold season, it is highly likely that you’ll have to push a few working days every time it snows.

Safer Work Environment

Winter is not a safe time for working outdoors, especially at heights, when one must do while working on a roof, siding or gutters. Surfaces can get slippery with snow or mud. Summer, on the other hand, can become scorchingly hot, which may also put your workers’ health at risk. Spring offers comfortable and safe weather for outdoor activity, so you have less to worry about.

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