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4 Signs of Faulty Windows That You Must Be Aware Of

Your windows can grow old and weary over time. Just like us, windows also need TLC. Providing your windows with tender loving care can make them live up to their life span, or go beyond it. However, if they really are old and malfunctioning despite your care through these years, then it’s might be time to let them go. How do you know it’s time?

From DryTech Roofing, here are some tips on knowing when your windows are starting to fail, and when it’s time to get replacement windows in Maryland.

  1. Look at your energy bills and compare them with your past ones. Have they increased? Do they seem higher than usual? If yes, then this might be a sign of a failing window. Drafty and leaky windows can cause your energy bills to go up as the air from your air conditioning or insulation escapes from your home.
  2. If your windows are not operating properly and smoothly, then it might be time to get a new window. Windows that are difficult to open and have rust on them are normally beyond their lifespan. Their mechanisms are already problematic, preventing them from fully performing their functions.
  3. Windows that have physical damage such as visible rotting, decay, mildew, and molds must be replaced immediately. Take note of broken window frames and expanding glass, as these are also signs of faulty windows.
  4. If your windows just won’t shut right, then they are faulty. Don’t force close or open a window as you risk further damaging the faulty mechanism. Worse, you might even injure yourself. In cases like these, it’s better to get the window inspected, and then replaced if needed.

These signs can help you determine if your windows are faulty. While you can do a quick check for obvious signs, it’s best to call trusted Maryland replacement windows contractors to help you properly inspect your old windows. Call DryTech Roofing. We offer a wide range of home solutions, including inspection, repair, and replacement of roofs, siding, and windows. Call us at (240) 547-2447 today!