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4 Steps to Hiring the Right Siding Contractor

Your home deserves the best, whether it’s a new roof, window, or siding. In case of the latter, finding the right contractor is key to getting the siding that your home needs. Looking through a list of siding contractors without a strategy can take a lot of time.

Here’s how to hire the right contractor with these four steps:

  1. Research your project – You don’t have to have a full-fledged plan right off the bat. Know your project goals and refer to it during the entire search process. Start with the materials and narrow down the features that you want, regardless of cost. Perhaps your home needs improved insulation, in which case you should choose contractors who offer insulated siding; or maybe you need siding that’s more durable than your current one, wherein contractors who offer fiber cement siding are your best bet. Find out if which contractors are certified by the siding manufacturers they represent.

  2. Research the contractor’s credentials – You should now have a list of siding contractors that offer the siding that your home needs, so get ready to do some (virtual) footwork. The first thing you should do is check with the Maryland Home Improvement Commission about which of the contractors on your list are licensed to work within the state and cross out those who aren’t. Check their insurance information and eliminate those with no general liability insurance and workers’ compensation.

  3. Check the quality of their work – This is where good, old-fashioned references come in handy. Take the time to call references provided by the contractors. Chances are, they may have worked for someone you know, so take this opportunity to inspect their work firsthand. If possible, ask the contractor if you can visit an in-progress installation.

  4. Schedule consultations – You should now have a much shorter list of potential contractors, so setting up consultations shouldn’t take much of your time. Don’t be easily swayed by a low bid, so take the time to ask any questions you may have about the contractor, how they will handle the project, their products and corresponding warranty coverage, and others. You will receive a written quotation by the end of the consultation. Review the written quotations before making your choice. Legitimate contractors like ourselves wouldn’t employ pressure tactics to get you to sign the quote then and there.

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