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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Window Styles for Your Home

Windows come in a range of different styles, which accounts for more than just a variance in looks. Each style has its own set of benefits and areas it excels in that are worth looking into. DryTech Roofing has 4 great tips that you can follow to find a style that’s suited for you:


Tip 1: Start with a need

Replacement windows in Maryland can meet many different needs, and two of the most prominent are illumination and ventilation. Either one is a benefit to you and your family, and whichever one you prioritize determines which style you go for. If you like natural lighting, you go for picture windows, which are fixed but provide the widest pane area to draw in light. If ventilation and fresh air are the bigger priority, then consider casement windows that can open up their entire length.

Tip 2: Consider the design of your home

Each home represents a different architectural style, and each style has specific window types that match. Older, traditional homes are best paired with simpler, traditional styles like the doublehung windows or even its casement predecessors. For more contemporary and modern designs, picture windows are increasingly popular especially in homes with boxier appearances. Sliding windows are another option—with floor to ceiling examples featuring in many a modern home.

Tip 3: Look to safety too

Another important consideration is safety, and many Maryland replacement windows contractors rightly push for this. DryTech Roofing recommends putting in at least one wide sliding window in a place that is easily accessible to be an appointed emergency exit.

Tip 4: Go for energy efficiency

Energy efficiency has to do with heat regulation—keeping heat where it is most needed. That’s indoors during the cold months and outside during the warmer months, and this is achieved by a window’s resistance to transfer of heat across its surface. In addition, this lessens your dependence on artificial means of heating and cooling—saving you money off your energy bills.

All 4 of these are essentials to a great replacement window choice. But if it’s a bit difficult to narrow down the choices, then give DryTech Roofing a call at (877) 7700-DRY and we’ll be more than happy to help you pick out the ones that are perfect for your home and your needs.