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4 Tips to Follow to Get a Mixed-Texture Exterior

Mixing and matching is a home improvement trend that’s been around for a while now with no signs of slowing down. This gave the rise to mixed-texture exteriors, with homeowners often opting out of traditional siding in favor of this trend. There are even a few benefits to this trend such as an increased home value and better moisture protection. But how exactly does one achieve the mixed-texture exterior?

Here, the siding contractors of DryTech Roofing LLC lists four tips you can follow to get a mixed-texture exterior for your home.

1. Horizontal Brickwork – If your home has horizontal brickwork with gray tones, consider mixing it with vertical plank boards that have a natural color. That way, the texture and style will give your home a visually appealing appearance. To top it all off, it’s highly recommended that you paint your front door in a muted blue or green color.

2. Dark Color Vinyl – If your vinyl siding has a dark color, siding contractors recommend that you pair it with light stone or brick as the varying degrees of light and dark can easily show off your home’s front door area. Make them contrast by finishing the door with a bright paint color to contrast with the overall exterior.

3. Charcoal Vinyl Siding – On the other hand, if you have charcoal colored vinyl siding, match it with white shakes and black shutters, especially if you have plans of selling in the near future. By doing so, the crisp look can entice any potential buyer into examining your home and considering buying it.

4. Wood Siding – As for wood siding, experts recommend that you pair it up with light colored stonework for a more natural look around your home.

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