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4 Types of Roof Damage that Need Replacement

Sometimes damage to the roof only need to be repaired. Issues like missing shingles, cracked shingles and even a fallen tree branch can be fixed. This is because the damage is small, so sections can be handled separately. However, there are times when the damage extends to the entire roof. In this case, roof repair is not enough. See why these types of damage are so serious, they require replacement.

1. Gutter Trouble

Leaks are destructive to roofs. That’s why any pooling water on your roof is a concern. Typically, these should be addressed by the gutters. It drains the rain and snowmelt, keeping the water away from your home. However, if it gets clogged or water starts pooling, there’s a chance that your roof already has leaks. Don’t wait, and get an inspection as soon as possible.

2. Sagging

The structure of a roof is rigid, built to be secure and tough. Any visible sagging, even small areas, are signs of serious structural damage. This can happen due to leaks that can affect your decking or from large impact damage. Regardless, it’s a sure sign your roofers need to replace the roof.

3. Light from the Outside

Make it a habit to turn off the lights in the attic. This way, you can check for any light seeping in through the shingles overhead. Ideally, there should be no light peaking through. If you see any sunlight penetrating through the attic, it could mean cracks or holes. It could also mean that moisture, pests and rain can enter through these holes. Since your roof may already be damaged, a replacement can bring it back to peak condition.

4. Granules

When you see granules in the gutter, they are likely from your shingles. For new shingles, this is common within the first week. However, older shingles that are shedding is a different story. Your roofers will take that as a sign of old age, meaning your roof is starting to wear down badly.

These types of damage can compromise your whole home. That’s why DryTech Roofing LLC provides quality replacement services for your roof. We serve many homeowners in Maryland. You can call us at (240) 491-5600 or fill out our online form to request an estimate.