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4 Window Replacement Mistakes to Avoid

Replacement windows are a great investment, as they provide a variety of benefits. Windows usually have a life expectancy of up to 35 years, which means that you would live with those windows for the majority of your stay.

Window Replacement

Choosing a quality window helps you reduce energy and maintenance costs, as well as provide superior security for you and your family. DryTech Roofing Company lists the four common mistakes you should avoid to ensure a good window replacement in Maryland.

1. Thinking of Costs Only

Most homeowners make the mistake of only considering the cost of installing replacement windows. Life-cycle costs on the other hand includes energy, maintenance, and other costs related to owning and operating windows. DryTech Roofing Company offers quality windows made from the best materials, ensuring minimal life-cycle costs.

2. Choosing the Same Window

Replacing your old windows with the same type and style might seem like a good choice, but you can benefit from shaking things up a bit. Make the most of your replacement by considering new window designs. They usually offer higher energy efficiency features and better performance. We offer a selection of durable replacement windows in Maryland in a variety of styles that would suit your needs.

3. Ignoring Maintenance Work

Choosing the right materials for your windows is important, as your window’s level of maintenance varies depending on the material used. Maintenance work includes painting, cleaning, and repairs. They comprise a large portion of expenses on windows. Aluminum and vinyl windows do not require painting at all, while steel and wood windows need re-painting at regular intervals.

4. Overlooking the Intangibles

Intangible factors may be easily overlooked, as they are difficult to quantify in terms of costs. They include the effects of the new window on your building’s comfort levels, and their effect on its appearance. They would also affect how you go about your daily tasks.

For trusted Maryland replacement windows contractors, look no further than DryTech Roofing Company. Our expert team can help you choose a window that would suit your needs. Call us today at (240) 491-5600 to learn more about our different window options.