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5 Characteristics of Durable Vinyl Siding

Despite the available alternative siding material, vinyl siding in Maryland remains a popular choice among homeowners.

Durable Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has several practical uses and can be combined with other materials to produce insulated vinyl siding. Being the only exterior cladding material that has third-party product certifications on top of certified installer programs, vinyl siding has the following characteristics and benefits:

1. Low Maintenance — Vinyl requires almost no maintenance unlike many other cladding materials. Colors are typically added during molding, which eliminates the need for painting unlike with brick, cement, and wood. In fact, vinyl only requires occasional cleaning using soap and water.

2. Long Service Life — The Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES) have determined estimated vinyl products life spans of up to 50 years, which is corroborated by other similar life cycle assessment studies on the same subject. What this means for homeowners is that they will only need to replace their Maryland siding once in their lifetimes.

3. Chemical Resistance — According to the Chemical Resistance Database, vinyl siding has proved to be resistant against many chemicals. This includes corrosive chemicals, with exceptional resistance against nitric and sulfuric acids (two main components of acid rain).

4. Water Resistance — Vinyl siding is inherently water-resistant, and easily prevents rainwater and other sources of moisture from getting into the walls. Most vinyl siding designs feature weep holes at panel edges that allow water to be funneled away, while allowing air circulation to help evaporation.

5. Energy Efficiency — The measure of an energy-efficient home is in how good its insulation properties are. The idea is to keep heat where it is needed (outside during hot days, inside during cold days) and reduce the load on the heating and air conditioning systems. Windows employ dual-pane designs that act as insulation, while roofing has insulating and waterproofing materials laid on the roof deck. Exterior walls can be cladded with insulated vinyl siding to complete an energy-efficient envelope.

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