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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roofing Material

Are you excited to get a new roof for your home? Are you already looking for roofing contractors to get the job done? Before you go ahead with your big project, you may want to stop and think a bit: are you getting the right roofing material for your home?

Different Materials, Different Advantages

There are several types of roofing materials that you can choose, each performing differently from the others. Although you can expect most materials available on the market today to perform adequately, you can get more value from a roof made with the most suitable option–especially in the long run where the benefits eventually add up to thousands of dollars worth of savings.


Some roofing materials are heavier than the rest. For example, metal roofs are several times lighter than clay-tile roofing, which are a tad lighter than slate tile. Heavier roofing materials are less likely to get blown off by strong winds, but they are more difficult to install on roofs with a steep profile. It’s better to entrust the installation of heavy roofing materials to professional roofing contractors since they are likely to fall and shatter (or damage property) if not handled properly.


The roof is one of the most visually striking features of a home. This means you have to pick a roof that looks great with the rest of your property. Some roofing materials are available in a wide variety of colors, while others are only available in certain tones. Slate roofing is limited in terms of color options, while clay and metal can be painted easily to suit any color scheme.


Texture also plays a huge part in a home’s overall appearance. Some homes look better with more texture, while others work well with smooth, uninterrupted surfaces. For example, architectural shingles are designed to add a more dynamic look to the roof’s surface while standard shingles and standing-seam roofs provides a smooth, minimalistic look to a home.


Some roofing materials require more maintenance than others. For example, wood shakes look great, but they are vulnerable to suffering from moisture damage compared to other options and thus require frequent maintenance. On the other hand, slate and fiberglass shingles are virtually immune to moisture damage, although they may require maintenance performed by roofing contractors to prevent tiles from accidentally getting damaged during inspection.

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