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5 Ways To Get The Best Work From Your Roofing Contractor

There are many stages to preparing for a roof replacement project. Once you have all the plans, permits, and paperwork done, though, all you need to worry about is making sure your project stays on track and getting the best quality of work from roofing contractors.

We recommend doing the following before installation day:

  1. Have A Project Journal – Remodeling projects tend to accumulate a lot of paperwork as the planning progresses. Manage all of this by keeping a project journal: a notebook where you jot down everything related to your project, from ideas and sketches to questions and calculations. Any notebook with sturdy binding will do. We recommend choosing a notebook with a pocket or some sort of compartment to keep contracts, quotations, and receipts.
  2. Exchange Contact Information – You will have the chance to go over the project details with your roofing contractors a few days before the project starts, so make it a point to exchange numbers and email addresses. The latter is important if you need to share photos and other files. Exchanging contacts is especially important in case of quick decisions that need your authorization, such as changes to the project.
  3. Establish a change procedure – Speaking of which, changes made halfway through a roofing project are nothing new and should be anticipated. There could be some unseen damage to the roof deck that could only be revealed once the underlayment is removed. A change procedure indicates who else is authorized to sign off in case you’re not available. Note that all changes should be recorded in writing.
  4. Designate work areas – We typically start delivering the roofing materials a few days ahead of the installation date. You can help make it much easier by designating temporary storage and parking areas early on. You can also designate facilities like bathroom and wash areas our team can use during installation.
  5. Be nice – The best and easiest way to get the best work from roofing contractors is to simply be nice. Simple courtesies like serving cold drinks and snacks and offering compliments help contractors’ teams enjoy working with you, and helps maintain a good, long-term relationship with a contractor, whom you may need to hire again in the future.

Our team does their best to provide the best possible results. To know more about our roofing services, call DryTech Roofing today at (240) 491-5600 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free estimate. We serve many areas in and near Maryland.