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A Beginner’s Guide to Different Roof Shapes

It’s important to know the right roof for your home. Sometimes the right roof is determined by its shape. That’s why we want to help you know what makes each shape unique. We also break down its characteristics, from maintenance level to ideal uses.

Learn all about what the basic roof structures are from DryTech Roofing LLC, your trusted local roofing company.


Gable roofs are one of the most common types. You’ll often see it in residential areas, as a triangular shaped roof that slants down from the peak of your home. It’s a traditional and low-maintenance choice because the shape helps water run off. It also allows more ventilation, while providing space for the attic. If you want a long-lasting choice, this one is the way to go.


Roofing companies usually offer flat roofs for commercial buildings. Homeowners can choose this too, although it depends on the contractor. “Flat” isn’t the actual shape, because the roof has a slight pitch for water drainage. Still, it’s low enough to retain water, which is why a flat roof isn’t recommended for snowy and rainy areas. However, if you don’t mind high maintenance costs, then it can give you plenty of extra space. Think of it as another floor which you can use for AC units or a garden.


A hip roof is like a gable roof, only that it is slanted at a lower angle. It also extends to four sides, making it more secure. This roof structure is ideal for areas with high winds and snow. However, it needs more flashing to avoid leaks, since water can easily pool. It also costs more to install.


A shed roof stands out due to its unique look. Unlike other roofs, it is a single slanted roofing platform. The high angle, coupled with the single area, is best for smaller buildings. It can run water off easily, although the cost for installation varies on the size of the building.

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