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A More Durable Future for Homeowners Through Maryland Siding Solutions

Energy Efficient Insulated Siding Image

To keep up with the demands of the changing times, home improvement contractors and manufacturers find ways to improve and upgrade their products and techniques. On the other hand, homeowners from different states like Maryland look for more efficient options that offer the best value for money. As far as vinyl siding goes, there is the Vinyl Siding Institute that helps maintain their quality through tests and certifications.

Insulated siding, vinyl siding with manufacturer-installed rigid foam plastic insulation permanently adhered to it, forms a thermal bridge of continuous insulation around a home, so heat cannot escape through the studs and framing materials. The new international standard for insulated vinyl siding (ASTM D7793) also requires a minimum thermal resistance rating of at least R-2.0 and performance tests for weathering, windload, and impact resistance.

Part of their latest moves, as reported in the HousingZone article, is the inclusion of insulated siding in their VSI Product Certification Program, which means clients who purchase these certified solutions can expect quality that meets or exceeds the standards of the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM). With this development, homeowners can expect improved siding in Maryland.

Breaking it down

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, certified insulated siding also provide topnotch wind and impact resistance, weatherability, and color retention. Those who pass the tests are expected to survive even the toughest conditions and changes in the climate, for several years.

“Certified insulated siding will readily appeal to homeowners who want energy efficiency,” said VSI President and CEO Jery Y. Huntley. “Aesthetically, insulated siding comes in a wide variety of colors to boost a home’s curb appeal. Functionally, the continuous insulation has been proven to help improve a home’s thermal performance — which can mean lower utility bills.”

Arguably the most valuable edge these products give homeowners is the savings in electric consumption. Money saved from monthly electric bills can be diverted to other important matters, or at least, for other home improvement projects. By tapping the services of reputable Maryland vinyl siding contractors like DryTech Roofing & Home Solutions who can install quality insulated siding, you can rest assured that your house will look better and be more durable like never before.

Spending to improve your home is always a good thing. You just need to make sure that you are paying for the best items and services to get the most out of it.


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