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A Quick Guide to HardieShingle® Siding

Shingle siding, or shake siding, is commonly associated with Cape Cod-style homes. However, this type of siding can also be a great choice for any style of home.



HardieShingle® siding is one of the best shingle siding options on the market. It has the distinct look of cedar shake while requiring minimal upkeep. DryTech Roofing LLC, one of the top siding contractors in the area, discusses the four options that HardieShingle siding offers.


Straight Edge Panel


This is a clean-lined shingle that works well with modern homes and even rustic styles. You can use it to soften a contemporary design or add refinement to a rustic home.


Staggered Edge Panel


If you’re looking for a more laid-back design, siding contractors would likely recommend the staggered edge panel. This profile can be quite versatile too. It typically looks great on a cottage ranch home, but it can actually fit into any kind of home.


Individual Shingles 7″


Want to ensure that your home stands out? You can use the individual shingles to create your very own custom shingle design. This has also been primed for paint, so you have the power to choose any color you want for your home’s exterior. It’s like a blank canvas that lets you realize your unique ideas.




Half-rounds are scalloped-edge shingles that can easily lend a quaint vibe to your home. What’s even better is that this type of HardieShingle siding can suit various types of home, from regular residences to vacation homes.


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