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A Siding for Everybody: Different Materials

Artwork of a homeowner confused about what siding to choose for his home.The great thing about siding is that it offers up so many options to those looking to impress with the exterior look and feel of their home. Maryland siding contractors that know what they’re doing will carry a wide range of siding in different materials to suit different needs. Let’s run through the most popular to help you make an informed choice:

Classic Wood

Wood siding is the oldest type of siding available. This is ideal for those who are going for a truly classy and classic look. The only real downside is that it is extremely high-maintenance, requiring a great deal of care, attention, and painting. Further, it is also slightly on the costly end of the spectrum. Nevertheless, it does have an old-school charm that many people remain attracted to, all the while incorporating modern innovations like better insulation.

Low-Maintenance Aluminum

To counter the higher maintenance costs of wood siding, aluminum was tapped as an alternative. True enough, it proved to be incredibly easy to maintain, doing away with the need for constant painting. It’s lightweight and relatively easy to install as well. The only downsides are that it certainly loses the charm of wood and, being made of a pliable material, becomes vulnerable to accumulating bumps and dents over the years.

Newer Vinyl

Vinyl siding serves as the natural evolution from aluminum. Besides being easy to install, it’s also low-cost and low-maintenance. Aesthetically speaking, it’s difficult to tell apart from aluminum. It’s not as pliable as aluminum either, so you don’t have to worry about dings. Best of all, it costs cheaper than aluminum, so it can be replaced when it starts to crack in the cold temperatures.

Fiber Cement

This type of siding is considered to be the top in its class. It still is completely low-maintenance and needs more than a splash of water to get clean. It also manages greater durability than any other material available. When it comes to looks, what makes fiber cement so appealing is that it can emulate the look of natural wood while keeping the better performance characteristics. Better still, trims and other custom pieces can be added to better refine the look of your home.

Great siding contractors in Maryland will offer you a wide range of options when it comes to improving your home. For 15 years now, DryTech Roofing Company has been providing for the needs of our customers with their workmanship and wide selection of choice and quality of materials. Give us a call today for a free quote on your home improvement needs.