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Act on Failing Siding and Protect Your Home

Frequent exposure to environmental factors can weaken your siding without you noticing. It is important that you closely monitor the overall condition of your siding so that you can preemptively address problems. According to DryTech Roofing, one of the top Maryland siding contractors, the most effective way that you can take care of your siding is by identifying the signs that show that it is no longer at its best state. Here are some of the things that you should look for:image 1

  • Rusty or Loose Nails: Violent winds can potentially cause siding nails to become loose. Nails that are exposed to rain and moisture can become rusty. These nail issues can weaken the siding.
  • Fading Paint: Paint, aside from providing visual appeal, adds a layer of protection to your home’s exterior. However, paint’s durability is dependent on its quality and the number of coats used. Faded siding paint can indicate siding failure, and you should have this checked out right away. You can ensure a long-lasting siding paint job by using good quality paint complemented by a good primer and siding material.
  • Gradual Aging of Siding Material: Siding deteriorates depending on the type of material and how it is maintained. Vinyl, for one, degrades due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Wood can warp, and older Masonite-type composite siding can get cracks at the edges. Upgrading your siding to a better and durable material protects your home for a long period.

The good news is that all these signs of siding failure can be easily be dealt with by getting help from siding contractors in Maryland like Dry Tech Roofing. We are one of the few certified James Hardie® siding contractors in the area, and our goal is ensure that your home is defended from the elements.

If you already see signs that your siding is deteriorating, call us at 877-7700-DRY for a FREE in-home estimate siding in Maryland and let us strengthen your first line of defense.