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All About Your Roofing Warranty

A roofing warranty can provide you with assurance that the roof will perform as intended, but only if you read it carefully and understand how the warranty works. A warranty is a written contract between the owner of the house and the warranty holder and it expressly states the limits of liability and the extent of responsibility of the latter. DryTech Roofing LLC, a trusted roofing contractor, explains more:

Things You Should Know About Warranties

There are two types of warranty: implied and express. The implied warranty is fundamental and refers to the fact that with every manufactured product, the manufacturer states that this product is fit for its intended use. If you use a product the way it is intended then it will function as such. The express warranty is a written contract between the homeowner and the manufacturer or contractor. Some express warranties specify that they override the implied warranty in the contract.

Roofing contractors typically offer warranties to provide homeowners with peace of mind. However, the only assets available to support this warranty are those from the contractor itself. As one of the top roofing companies in our area, we recommend getting a manufacturer’s warranty as well. Manufacturer’s warranties can cover either the roofing materials only or both materials and labor. Read this warranty carefully to understand what the warranty covers and what the manufacturer’s responsibilities are.

Homeowner Responsibilities

Homeowners also have a responsibility outlined in the warranty. You should make sure that your roof is properly maintained for the duration of its service life and warranty coverage. Many manufacturers deny roofing warranty claims because of lack of maintenance. As a GAF Master Elite® contractor, DryTech Roofing LLC can offer you all of GAF’s warranties, including their best one: the Golden Pledge®. Our warranties could save you a lot of money in case of problems with your roof.

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