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Are Soffits Necessary for My Home?

The soffit is typically located between the roof’s eaves where the fascia and gutters are attached to the wall. That said, roofs with no overhangs do not have soffits.

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Soffits are not designed to stand out, but they perform certain functions that are crucial, especially to your roofing system. In this post, roof repair experts at DryTech Roofing LLC share some basic information about soffits.


Why Are Soffits Important?

A soffit functions as a passive ventilation for your attic. It ensures that warm moisture in the air won’t enter and mix with the attic air, thus preventing condensation and mold growth. Soffits that outline the roofline are usually considered the most effective way to ventilate the attic because they allow for continuous ventilation. Apart from protecting your attic and roof against moisture, the soffit can also help keep pests from slipping into your home and nesting in your attic. 


What Type of Soffit Should I Get?

In terms of material, aluminum and vinyl are generally the most popular choices for residential homes. Aluminum is quite malleable, so it can fit into varied spaces. It’s also durable, and it does not chip, rot or crack. However, it is more expensive than vinyl, and roofers say it does not insulate as well as vinyl.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is also pretty durable. It does not rot, and it’s resilient against chipping and cracking. It’s also water-resistant and easy to clean. Its downside, however, is that it can get easily affected by heat. It can become discolored or brittle over time.

In terms of design, non-vented or continuous soffits are ideal for roofs with narrow eaves or if you need to ventilate a large attic space. Vented soffits, on the other hand, are best used in roofs with wider eaves and if you have a smaller attic space to ventilate.

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