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Bad Weather Is Coming: Get in Touch with a Maryland Siding Company


AccuWeather reported that the East Coast, which includes the state of Maryland, will experience humid and warm weather cycles accompanied by rain until the end of August. Philadelphia, PA, in particular, has received record-breaking summer rainfall at 27.55 inches last June, and the same is likely to occur in neighboring areas. Homeowners are therefore advised to take necessary precautionary measures against molds, pests, and flash floods.

These preparations include storm-proofing homes, especially their exterior sidings, to reduce the damage that bad weather typically inflicts. DryTech Roofing LLC, a company that offers installation services for roofs and siding in Maryland, can help in this effort by providing state-of-the-art fiber cement siding materials. Unlike traditional siding materials like wood, vinyl, and aluminum, fiber cement is as versatile as it is durable; in fact, it is lauded as one of the best siding materials in the industry.

While it can be installed as is, say, over an existing siding system to serve as an additional layer of protection, fiber cement siding can also be painted. In fact, the siding can benefit from a good paint job; its innate resistance against moisture is further enhanced in the process. This makes the material useful in combating mold infestation, which AccuWeather reports as one of the biggest problems homeowners are likely to face this summer.

Another problem for home exteriors is high temperature; both roof shingles and vinyl siding can actually melt when subjected to extreme heat. Heat is arguably yet another reason for homeowners to go for fiber cement siding because it is resistant to hot weather. For fiber cement siding to work effectively though, homeowners are advised to have it professionally installed.

Luckily, dependable Maryland siding contractors like DryTech Roofing LLC can provide the right people and equipment for the job. Their professionalism and workmanship ensure that a newly installed siding system withstands even the worst things that the rest of this summer is bound to bring. Contractors can also help in roof insulation, which is regarded by one home improvement television program host as “the most important thing” a homeowner can do to prepare for bad weather.

While it may be practically unlikely to give a home fool-proof protection against all possible weather scenarios, one can take necessary preparations to reduce any likely damage. Some of the important steps include adding another layer of protection to an existing siding. Of course, one needs to rely on reputable siding contractors for the job.