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Boost Curb Appeal with James Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology

A good siding replacement can have a significant positive impact on your home’s appearance. As one of the top Maryland siding contractors, DryTech Roofing can install beautiful James Hardie® fiber-cement siding for your home. This siding comes in many appealing colors and requires very little maintenance. Its colors stay vibrant throughout the siding’s service life thanks to ColorPlus® Technology.

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What is ColorPlus Technology?

ColorPlus Technology is James Hardie’s innovative color formulation and siding finish process. This entails applying consistent coats of color to every surface and edge of their siding, applying 50% more coats than the average house painter. Between coats, they then cure the finish in a controlled environment. This gives the siding excellent resistance to fading, peeling, chipping, or cracking so it will stay beautiful and vibrant even against the demands of a harsh climate.

Professionally Curated Color Palettes

As one of the most experienced siding contractors in Maryland, we offer only siding that comes in a wide range of colors. James Hardie also collaborated with a professional color consultant, Leslie Harrington to create a stunning collection of colors that will look great on any kind of home. For instance, a home with a color combination of Heathered Moss, Arctic White, and Iron Gray will look fresh, inviting, lively, and subtle. It will make you feel like spring has visited your house. We recommend this color combination for homes that are near wooded areas.

Another good color combination is Chestnut Brown, Arctic White, and Heathered Moss. This is a warmer color scheme that focuses on making your home feel more rustic and natural. This combination is well suited for traditional homes in older cities and rural towns. This combination also has a lot of character without overwhelming the senses.

ColorPlus Technology can ensure that your siding stays as beautiful as the day we installed it on your home. DryTech Roofing is one of the leading Maryland vinyl siding contractors and fiber-cement siding contractors in our area. We have over a decade of experience and we work with some of the most skilled people in the industry. We do our best to earn your business in every project we undertake. Call us at (240) 491-5600 to learn more about our fiber-cement siding. You can also ask for a free estimate.