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Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal with James Hardie® Siding

Siding acts as the face of your home, which means your siding’s appearance has a significant effect on your home’s curb appeal. We understand the importance of having good-looking siding panels that perfectly suit the rest of the home, which is why we offer a wide variety of James Hardie® siding in different color variations.

Fresh Colors

If your home is surrounded by lots of leafy trees, James Hardie Siding Yellows and Greens make for some great options. Yellow hues are perfect for creating a more casual look and feel for your home, while green adds a hint of maturity while also blending perfectly with the foliage, making your home one with nature.

Dark Colors

Dark hues such as grays and blues add a hint of sophistication and intellect to a home. They work perfectly in neighborhoods where a dark-colored home won’t bring too much attention to itself. Dark-colored James Hardie fiber cement siding also works well with more modern designs where white-trim windows and doors create a striking contrast that adds drama.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors create a more muted appearance – but that doesn’t mean it will make your home look boring. In fact, James Hardie siding with neutral hues are great for today’s contemporary homes, which favor a more minimalistic look. Using neutral hues with textured finishes makes James Hardie Siding the perfect option for those looking for the contemporary.

Warm Colors

For those who prefer something more classic, James Hardie plank siding with warm colors like russet, deep orange and autumn yellow are perfect for homes in quiet, rural areas. Subtle tones and an inviting look are good options for those looking to add a rustic charm to their abode.

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