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By Demand: Why Vinyl Siding Is Still a Popular Choice

When it comes to siding, there’s a range of selections offered nowadays. Many homeowners are wise to choose siding products that bring beauty, comfort, convenience, and lasting value. The most common pick in terms of material for many homes in Maryland and other areas is vinyl. But there’s something about vinyl that makes it a popular option despite the promise of other materials.

DryTech Roofing, your professional Maryland vinyl siding contractors, explains why vinyl siding continues to reign:

Beautiful yet Affordable
As siding material, vinyl is inexpensive yet flexible enough to complement many architectural designs, even the most unique and exquisite types of homes. There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from. Vinyl siding can give a fresh, new look or replicate certain looks for your home. That’s what vinyl does—it blends well with your home’s particular finish.

Durability and Protection
Vinyl has insulating properties that can contribute to your energy savings. Its proven value and resilience make it last for many years. Further, it provides better insulation for superior comfort and protection. This material is also resistant to heat, moisture, cold, and strong winds.

Easy Maintenance and Environmentally Friendly
Moreover, vinyl does not need frequent painting. It also resists peeling, cracking, and fading. Here at DryTech, our offer comes with the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. This material is a green option as it outperforms other exterior layers in terms of environmental protection.

These are only some of the many features of vinyl siding. Keep in mind that it pays to have an expert team install your vinyl siding at home to ensure quality and safety. We at DryTech Roofing take pride in the fact that we are certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute. This means that our crew was specifically trained to become master siding installers. This allows us to offer a workmanship warranty for every vinyl siding installation.

Consult only your expert Maryland siding contractors to learn more about the material and available designs. Call DryTech Roofing today, and we will be happy to assist you.