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Care for What’s Up There: The Basics of Inspecting Your Roofing in Maryland


The Old Line State boasts a wide array of climates, from the humid subtropical climate of the eastern region to the humid continental clime in the west. This means that as you travel through Maryland, different communities will have varying roof maintenance and cleanup needs as the daily weather condition would not be the same for various parts of the state. Nevertheless, wherever you may be, there are general tips that you can follow when inspecting your roofing in Maryland for any damage.

First of all, according to an article from eHow.com, you should create a regular roof inspection schedule to go with the changing seasons. The snow of winter, the rains of spring, the sunshine of summer, and the falling leaves of autumn all have ways to damage your roof. Organize a checklist and set it up where you can always see it, or you can opt to place it in your phone’s calendar.

When doing your regular inspection, always begin inside the house; grab a flashlight and head on over to your attic, look around the ceiling and the floor for any dark spots that might turn out to be an indicator of water or mold damage. You should also inspect your walls, window sills, and other parts for problems like rot or termite infestation.

Check for signs of wear on your roof like cracked, chipped, or missing shingles and tiles, lost shingle granules, and deformed flashing. Since you’re already on your roof, take the time to do some general cleaning by sweeping off leaves, branches, and other debris out of the way, especially in your gutters, since clogged downspouts may lead to leaks and water damage.

When you see some fixtures that need repair or replacement, call a reputable roofing company in Maryland as soon as you can to address the issue before it gets worse. It’s best to leave complicated problems in the hands of skilled contractors like DryTech Roofing, since any flaw in your DIY attempt to make repairs might only serve to worsen the damage.

Take care of your roof and never neglect its needs, because it performs one of the most important functions of your house – weather protection. Do remember, though, that your personal safety should always be a priority when conducting your regular roof inspection and maintenance.