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Choosing a Roof Material for Maximum Performance and Savings

Aside from aesthetics, you have to consider two very important factors when choosing a material for roof replacement: performance and savings.

Remember that every roof is a system composed of various parts and materials. These parts need to work together for the roof to give you sufficient protection from the elements and to keep your home comfortable.

How can you ensure you will get the most out of your roof in terms of performance and savings? Primarily, you have to make sure that you choose the best roofing material. With the right materials, a new roof can make your home more durable against harsh weather extremities and provide better protection for your family. Furthermore, a durable roof can help you save money on repairs and assist in your energy-saving efforts. In addition, a good sturdy roof requires little maintenance and repair compared with a worn-out old one.

GAF products like Timberline® Cool Series Shingles can help you save 7%–15% on your home’s total cooling costs. In addition to your energy savings, you can also get tax credits and cash rebates because this product may qualify for utility rebates depending on where you live.

GAF has impact-resistant shingle roofs that can protect you from strong winds up to 130 mph. A modified asphalt formulation makes it extra flexible for added resistance to impact.

Hiring the right Maryland roofing contractors can help you meet maximum performance and savings for your home. If you’re looking for the right company, choose DryTech Roofing & Home Solutions. We are the leader in roof technology and other home improvements.

As a GAF Master Elite®–certified team of roofing contractors in Maryland, we are trained to deliver the quality installation of GAF products. As a representative of such a fine product line, we have continued honing our skills through rigorous training. Therefore, you can consider our craftsmen one of the finest in the industry.

Aside from our quality installation and materials, our Master Elite status also allows us to offer you superior warranties that can provide you peace of mind.

To learn more about GAF’s roofing materials, feel free to contact us at DryTech Roofing & Home Solutions today.