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Choosing the Perfect Color Scheme for your Siding

Colors dictate the overall mood of your home. When choosing a color for your James Hardie® siding in Maryland, it’s best to consider factors such as your home’s architectural style and your location. DryTech Roofing suggests a few tips to help you choose a color scheme for your home.

Color Scheme for your Siding

Choose Colors to Highlight Different Areas

You can use a number of colors for your home. Traditional homes usually feature three colors, for the body, trim, and accent. For more modern home styles, you can choose more than three colors to make your home more appealing.

Choose colors that would highlight these key features. For example, choosing a light color for the trim, with a dark colored accents would allow both to stand out. DryTech Roofing offers James Hardie siding in a wide range of complementing colors that would suit any home style. This is thanks to the brand’s ColorPlus© Technology

Experiment with Various Shades

A dark body usually makes your home look smaller. Nonetheless, you can use a dark colored body to your advantage by choosing mid-tone-color trim or accents to make the main body look brighter. For a cohesive look, choose varying shades for your trim and accents that are a few tints away from each other on the color wheel. If you are unsure of certain color combinations, consult the reliable Maryland siding contractor, DryTech Roofing.

Consider a Neutral Palette

Sometimes, the best way to use color is to not use any. An all-white house offers many customization options. Since it reflects light, the tone varies throughout the day, giving your house a different mood on specific times during the day. Having a white body also allows you to have bold color choices on your accents and trim. Our vinyl siding in Maryland offers not only aesthetic appeal, but also low maintenance features.

DryTech Roofing Company offers a selection of high-quality James Hardie siding in a variety of colors. We also have vinyl siding options that also have energy-saving features. You can always consult our team of professionals regarding your color options. Along with our high-quality products, we have the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure professional installations.

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