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Choosing the Right Fence Color

Whether you’re installing a new perimeter fence to keep the kids safe or an ornamental piece for your front yard, a new fence is both a functional and aesthetic addition to your home. While the design of the fence is what attracts attention, it’s the color that brings it all together.


So how do you pick the right color for your fence? DryTech Roofing, your James Hardie® siding installers, discusses how in this post.

Consider the House

Your fence is more or less an extension of your house, so it makes sense that your new exterior addition has a similar color scheme to the rest of the property. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to pick the same color as the exterior; just something that compliments the house’s original color scheme.

A tan fence may completely match a house with a tan exterior, but it would look better if the fence has a darker color scheme as it both contrasts and compliments the original color.

Finding a great color for your fence may seem difficult at first, but manufacturing advancements have made many colors viable. The fence panels that we offer from James Hardie fiber cement siding come in a variety of colors to choose from to perfectly compliment your home.

How About the Yard?

Similarly, you’ll want your new fence to blend with the yard. Greens and browns are all neutral tones, so your fence should have a subtle contrast to it. A natural wood stained fence may seem like the easy choice, but don’t discount wrought-iron and metallic colors! A great contrast between natural and artificial color schemes work just as well as establishing a perimeter to your home.

Consider the Neighborhood

Finally, you’ll want to consider the general color scheme of your neighborhood. While it’s great to have a fence that stands out, there’s a thin line between unique and looking out of place. Take a good look at your neighborhood and check out the general color scheme of each house’ fences and use these as an idea to find a complementary color for yours.

At DryTech Roofing, we’ll make sure your new fence is properly installed in your home. We offer James Hardie plank siding that’s great for exterior cladding and fences. Call us today at (240) 491-5600 to learn more. We install James Hardie Siding in Maryland.