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Choosing to Go with Custom Replacement Windows in Maryland


Although different homeowners have different reasons for replacing their windows, in most cases the decision hinges on two things: appearance and energy efficiency. Many homes more than 20 years old have windows that cause massive heat gain in summer and unwanted heat loss in winter. Such windows, which are primarily made of aluminum or wood, also show signs of wear and tear much faster than today’s models.

Modern replacement windows in Maryland are definitely superior products because of their better efficiency characteristics and ability to retain their beauty longer. Window manufacturers recognize that both these qualities are necessary in today’s homes, that’s why many of them offer a wide selection of custom windows that come in a broad variety of glass options, frame materials, and styles. An article from bobvila.com written by Helen J. Simon offers the following tips on going custom.

Your first consideration when deciding to go with custom windows is to ask yourself whether you really need custom windows. “If the openings are an irregular size, compare how much it will cost to make the hole bigger or smaller to accommodate a stock window. This is a better option if you’re putting in a smaller window, but since it will still require patching, filling, and trimming or the services of a contractor, this option may cancel out any savings from buying off the shelf,” advises the article.

“If you’re making the [window] opening larger, you might have expensive adjustments to the load-bearing parts of the wall. In all, it’s best to have a professional review the situation and give you an estimate so that you can really compare numbers,” the article adds.

Simon’s article further states that “Non-standard sizing is not the only reason to go custom. Replacing existing windows that don’t complement the design of your house is easier with custom windows that allow you to buy whatever shape or style you want.”

Selecting the perfect custom windows can be tricky, so it’s important that you work with dependable Maryland replacement windows contractors like DryTech Roofing that know all about the intricacies of window construction and other additional options available. Be sure to learn how your new windows are affected by surrounding conditions such as climate, noise, and light.