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Curb Appeal: The Role of Your Roof

Curb appeal is probably the most important factor you have to think about when you want to make an impression on buyers or even guests and passersby. It is far from the last thing you have to consider, but it’s one of the first places where you should start.

Your roof is one of the most visible and recognizable aspects of your home, as roofers know, so it helps form first impressions. How beautiful or unsightly your roof is, influences how people judge your entire home, whether you’ve taken care of its interior or not.

Some of the components of your home that complete that first impression include:

  • The roof

  • The siding

  • The windows

  • The front door

  • And the front lawn

If all of these components are in good repair and look beautiful, there is immediately a higher chance of buyers wanting to find out more, such as what your home looks like inside. Conversely, if any of these components are in a state of disrepair, buyers are likely to drive on to the next available home.

To make sure your roof helps — and not hurts — your home’s curb appeal, consider these factors:

Shingle Health

Missing or mismatched shingles make your roof unsightly. Make sure none of the shingles are broken, different from the rest of the shingles around them or in bad shape, such as cupped or clawed. Shingles in poor shape will make the buyer think you haven’t been taking care of your home, not just your roof.

Shingle Color

Faded shingles are bad news. They look old, no matter how new they might be. For healthy shingles, it might be enough to apply a fresh coat of paint. If your shingles truly are old, however, consider calling your roofers to replace them as soon as possible.

Flashing Integrity

To prevent water from entering areas where structures stick out of your roof, flashings are installed. Over time, flashings lose their integrity due to rust or physical damage. Make sure rusted or damaged flashings are replaced.

Gutter and Downspout Health

Leaves, pine needles, small branches and even animal nests can damage your roof or at least affect how well they catch water and divert it away from your home. The paint on your gutters can peel or crack and the material may rust. Gutters in a decrepit state will also eventually cause your siding and other components of your home to deteriorate due to water damage. Make sure to paint or replace damaged gutters and downspouts before they affect the aesthetic of your home.

How your roof looks shouldn’t be the reason a potential buyer passes on your home. DryTech Roofing LLC can help you with roof repair or replacement. Call us today at 240-491-5600. We can help improve your home’s curb appeal in Maryland.