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Design Lessons to Remember When Choosing Siding

Oh, the array of siding products on the market today. While it’s exciting to visualize your home exterior in different looks, the wrong choice could make your space less attractive and livable in many ways.

To work around common pitfalls in siding shopping and make decision-making easier, DryTech Roofing shares some design lessons you must remember:

Form (Always) Follows Function

Never choose a siding product based purely on its aesthetic qualities. As much as you value curb appeal, other things, such as durability and energy efficiency, matter more than beauty. Plus, ease of installation is also important because it affects your project’s cost of labor.

At DryTech Roofing, we only offer fiber cement and vinyl siding products. In our book, these two materials offer the healthiest combination of weatherability, energy performance, maintenance, aesthetic versatility, and affordability. As certified by James Hardie® and the Vinyl Siding Institute, you can rest assured that we’ll deliver flawless work.

Balance Applies to All Architectures

Some home styles are traditionally asymmetrical, but they still have to be proportional. This is especially true when materials and textures are in question. When seen from the street, your front façade must show a semblance of balance. Otherwise, something might look or feel wrong about your home’s appearance.

Use Two Shades of the Same Color for the Exterior

In home exterior design, siding color carries the most weight. It sets the tone for curb appeal, which therefore shapes the character of your home. But then again, it should complement other elements of your home, particularly your roof and trim. Without visual harmony, the most sought-after siding color could disappoint, not impress.

A good rule of thumb is to choose two tints from one color family. Whether you choose the lighter or the darker one for your siding, the combination would be stunning as long as they’re a few shades apart.

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