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Design Tips on Using Multiple Windows

Families of windows are better than standalone units for many reasons. They admit more light, provide larger views, and are lovelier accents inside and out. As one of the region’s top replacement windows contractors, DryTech Roofing shares some tips on styling up multiple glass units while lending them practical functionality.

Soften Sunlight with Semi-Opaque Dressing

If you need secrecy without completely giving up the panorama and sunshine, choose a covering that’s not fully opaque. Soft drapes, woven matchstick blinds, and wooden shutters are some of the classic choices for this design idea. Draw inspiration from your interior design to pick a window treatment with complementary aesthetic elements.

Whether to screen everything with a single covering or do it per panel is entirely up to you. If you put a premium on convenience, choose the former. However, if you desire more flexibility, cover your replacement windows individually.

Treat the Bay Twice

Using a layer of window treatments adds more interest to your space. The combination of long drapes and Roman shades lets you emphasize lines and an opportunity to tie existing design details in the room together. To create a seamless look, angle custom rods around the bend on the wall. When it comes to the fabric, coordinate its color and pattern to other furniture to promote connection.

Leave Transoms Uncovered

Adding transoms in your next window replacement project is key to optimum daylighting. These glass units allow you to cover your lower windows completely while still ushering a generous amount of daylight. Furthermore, the rays of light streaming in through the transoms would look dramatic. If you have reflective surfaces in the room, the sunshine would bounce around to brighten up otherwise unreachable areas.

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