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Different Siding Designs for Three Distinct Home Styles

Investing in the right siding can help increase your home’s comfort levels as well as its level of protection against the elements. That said, it is also essential to consider siding that will complement your home’s architectural style.

Home Styles

DryTech Roofing, one of the trusted Maryland vinyl siding contractors, talks about three home styles and siding design that complements them.

Cape Cod

Simplicity, practical, and comfortable design, characterize this architectural style. Historically, they feature steep roofs with side gables, small roof overhangs, clapboards or shingle siding, with contrasting trims. Today, these home styles may include two to two and a half stories or added wings. Traditional clapboard, beaded, or Dutchlap, as its main exterior cladding works well with it. As one of the reliable Maryland siding contractors, we offer durable, insulated vinyl siding that will blend with a Cape Cod home just well. They are also available in light or medium colors to match this home’s style.

French Colonial

These architectural styles have raised porches on three sides that keep them safe from floods. They have a tradition of being externally focused and this is frequently expressed through its narrow paired French doors and windows. Furthermore, they usually feature steep, hipped roofs, which extend over a wide porch with slender columns that support the porch roof.

Clapboard exterior siding is a common choice for these home styles. Durable vinyl siding, beaded, and Dutchlap siding are also good selections. While cladding shapes are rare, they may be found as a primary exterior cladding. Like with Cape Cod homes, light and medium palette works best for this architectural style with an inclination to soft island and southern colors. As one of the leading siding contractors in Maryland, we can provide you with durable vinyl siding to fit your French Colonial home.


This architectural style has a simple, rectangular, and symmetrical design. They feature hipped or gabled roofs with minimal overhangs. Its lower level displays a paneled front door flanked by a symmetrical row of single windows while the row above has a series of five windows. Its entry door comes with a decorative crown flanked by pilasters. It has a cornice, which serves as another defining feature, embellished with dentil and other decorative molding.

Its siding design can be similar to Cape Cod and French Colonial homes with the exception in its exterior colors. It usually comes with deeper colors, such as reds, greens, and browns, all of which are available in our siding selection.

At DryTech Roofing, we offer both fiber cement and insulated vinyl siding that will surely complement your home’s exterior features. Aside from this, they have low-maintenance features. such as resistance to rotting, fading, and moisture. They also have insulating properties that will help keep your home comfortable for more energy savings.

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