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Dry Rot: Can Your Roof Suffer From It and How To Spot It

Dry rot is a damage that your roofing system can sustain and is the type of damage that your roofing contractors will tell you to avoid at all costs. Dry rot can occur on your roof when moisture allows invasive fungi to grow and weaken the wood. However, it’s also a roofing damage that’s difficult to spot as the fungi can lie dormant for years and you may not even realize that the damage is there to begin with. Older roofs carry a greater risk of suffering from dry rot since the wood is likely to be untreated.

In this post, DryTech Roofing LLC discusses the signs of dry rot on your roofing system.

Where To Check For Dry Rot?

When checking your roof for dry rot, start by inspecting the areas where moisture is likely to be present. These areas include your gutters, downspout and the corners where water can accumulate. For your gutters and downspouts, check if they’re damaged or blocked as the moisture buildup can easily affect and penetrate your roofing system. Signs and symptoms that can point to dry rot also include cracking, splits or discoloration on the wood of your roof.

On the other hand, if you suspect that your roof is already suffering from dry rot, you can confirm this by applying pressure to suspected area by using a screwdriver. If it penetrates the wood or it flakes off easily, then it means your roof is suffering from dry rot. Alternatively, you can also call roofing contractors for assistance if you’re unsure about doing it on your own.

What To Do In The Event of Dry Rot?

If your roof is suffering from dry rot, call a professional roofer as soon as possible. This is because the longer you leave it on its own, the worse the problem will get, especially since rot can spread at a fast rate. Have your damaged gutters, downspouts and water pipes repaired as well as they’re the primary sources of moisture that can cause dry rot. Alternatively, if you want to stamp out the problem before it even begins, you can also have a professional conduct regular maintenance on your roof to spot and repair any leaks or moisture sources immediately.

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