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DryTech Roofing: Asphalt Roofing Benefits

What is it about asphalt shingles that makes it the top choice of many homeowners? What satisfaction can a good roofing material like asphalt shingles give you? These are questions many property owners often ask when they’re looking for a roof replacement.

Asphalt roofing is a time-tested material that provides a range of benefits every homeowner would want. That’s the reason it remains the #1 residential roofing of choice across the country.

DryTech Roofing, one of the leading roofing contractors in Maryland, has been installing asphalt shingles to thousands of homes since 2000. With more than a decade of experience under our belt, we can confidently say that we have seen different roofing materials trying to emerge in the roofing industry over the years, but still none outshines the most popular roofing material to this day – asphalt shingles.

When you choose asphalt shingles for your home, you can enjoy the benefits of a good roof, such as:

  • Low Maintenance: asphalt shingles are easy to maintain and easy to repair.
  • Improved Aesthetics: asphalt shingles are truly a sight to behold, especially when installed properly. You can also choose from a number of colors and styles available that will certainly add character to any home designs.
  • Lightweight: asphalt shingles are not too light or too heavy, which helps reduce the stress off various roofing structures like the decking and rafters.
  • Reasonable Price: asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable roofing materials available on the market.
  • Increased Value: with its beauty and durability, asphalt shingles add value to your home.
  • Easy Installation:  asphalt shingles are easy to install.

If you want to enjoy all these benefits, just give DryTech Roofing a call, a team of reliable Maryland roofing contractors. Our company has been servicing the community for more than a decade now and we are proud to say that we are a GAF® Master Elite™ roofer, a prestigious title given by the leading roofing manufacturer in the U.S. to contractors who have met their stringent standards and have done an excellent roofing job in their community.