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Early Snows Signal Need for Maryland Roofing Maintenance Checkups

According to the Washington Post, the mountainous region of Maryland is set to experience winter early this year, as snow is expected to blanket the mountains of Garrett County:

It’s snowing! In the mountains of Maryland and West Virginia at least.

Reports from places like Garrett County in western Md., where elevations routinely rise past 2,000-3,000 feet, indicate both snow falling and light (up to a few inches) snow accumulation today.

Snow at this time of the year is not too uncommon in the highest elevations of Maryland and West Virginia. Just last year, much of that region was paralyzed by snow related to Superstorm Sandy. Closer in to the city, it has snowed and stuck as recently as 2011 to close out October. First accumulating snow in the mountains of Maryland and West Virginia imageWith the winter season fast approaching, many Maryland roofing experts advise homeowners to check the condition of their roofing systems. Winter can be as brutal on a home’s roof as it is to plant life, making it important for homeowners to be vigilant in inspecting their roofs for any damage that can be aggravated by the frost of winter. As such, here are two warning signs to look out for:

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Pre-existing cracks or missing shingles should be sealed and replaced, respectively, before the onset of winter in order to prevent further structural damage to your roof. Water from melted snow can easily seep into exposed cracks or areas with missing shingles, and when the temperature returns to near freezing, the water turns into ice, causing cracks to grow larger. If left unattended for too long, this vicious cycle can easily create large holes in your roof, opening the door to leaks during the spring.

Sagging Support

When inspecting a roofing system, it is also important to check the support of the roof, conveniently located in the warmth of your attic. If segments are sagging, it might be best to call contractors from an experienced roofing company in Maryland, such as Dry Tech Roofing and Home Solutions, to assess the situation. This is because a sagging roof section is a sign of foundational weakness; if large amounts of snow accumulate on that area, there is a good chance that your roof can cave in.

With snow starting to accumulate in the mountains, it won’t be long until the rest of Maryland experiences the same weather. As such, make sure your roof is well-equipped to handle the harsh weather conditions.

(Article Excerpt and Image from First accumulating snow in the mountains of Maryland and West Virginia, The Washington Post, October 23, 2013)