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Earn More from Your Referrals Through Our Gratitude Dollars

At DryTech Roofing, we appreciate the support and kind feedback we have received—and continue to receive—over the years. Which is why we want to give something back to you by simply telling your friends, family, and neighbors about our roofing and other home improvement services.

The Gratitude Dollars Program

You may ask, “what’s in it for me?”. Our Gratitude Dollars program is our way of showing our appreciation for referring us to people in your circle. Earn credits that you can apply toward your next home improvement project with us, such as a siding project, attic insulation, or even a new roof.

How the Gratitude Dollars Program Works

Simply fill out convenient referral form at our website with your friend or neighbor who may be interested in our services; better if they’re already planning on having their roof or siding replaced. Alternatively, you can call us at (240) 491-5600. We’ll then contact your recommendation and discuss their roofing needs.

If your referral hires us for their project, we’ll credit you with Gratitude Dollars. Where other roofing companies only let you earn credits or points for specific projects, you can use your Gratitude Dollars towards any DryTech project.

  • Roofing – A roofing project of up to 4 “squares” (i.e. 100 square feet) of shingles earns you a credit of $100 Gratitude Dollars, while a 5 “squares” project bumps your credits up to $250.

  • Siding – You earn $250 Gratitude Dollars for a whole house siding project, regardless of size.

  • Replacement windows – You earn $100 Gratitude Dollars for up to five replacement windows. We increase it to $250 if the project requires 6 windows or more.

  • Attic insulation – You earn $50 Gratitude Dollars for an attic insulation project.

Make as many referrals as you can and keep earning Gratitude Dollars. There’s no limit to how much credit you can earn; you can potentially earn enough for a major roofing or siding project with enough referrals.

DryTech Roofing serves homeowners in Maryland and nearby areas. To know more about our Gratitude Dollars program or if you need a roofing company for your roofing needs, call us today at (240) 491-5600.