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Energy Efficiency: Insulated Vinyl Siding Is Your Best Bet

Like regular vinyl, insulated vinyl siding is conveniently low-maintenance, deceivingly tough and simply beautiful. Although it costs a bit more than its traditional counterpart, it actually pays for itself because it’s an exceptional insulator.


As the region’s home improvement authority, DryTech Roofing sheds some light on the energy efficiency benefits of retrofitting insulated vinyl siding to your home:

Increasing the R-Value of Your Walls

Reinforced with insulating foam, this innovative vinyl siding solution can increase the R-value of your walls by at least three. Considering most siding solutions have an R-value of less than one, this option is very special. Although you need more than insulated vinyl siding for maximum heat resistance, insulated siding takes you a step closer to achieving a complete thermal enclosure system.

Minimizing Leakage

Generally, vinyl siding panels are 40% longer than traditional panels. The fact that they have fewer seams alone makes your home less leaky. Since the average home typically has a half-mile of gaps and cracks behind and around the walls, an insulated vinyl system contributes to airtightness.

Exhaling Indoor Moisture

Insulated vinyl products can be permeable too. Their breathability can help you combat excessive humidity, especially during the coldest months. They help vapor to escape to make your indoor air feel less wet. With less moisture, it’s easier to regulate the temperature of your living spaces.

Delivering Enhanced Impact Resistance

While vinyl is technically a kind of plastic, it stands up well to extreme weather conditions. This siding option has the remarkable ability to withstand impact. In case it incurs damage, it’s relatively easy to replace its broken panels.

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